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Carpet Cleaning

When we first meet your carpet, First assess the type of carpet you have and look over for the carpet for sun marks. We spot-treat marks with relevant chemicals and then pre-spray the carpet before flushing the carpet out back to as near new as possible using the hot water extraction method.

Fabric Upholstery

When we first meet your upholstery, we assess the type of fabric it is and look over for marks on the sofa. From here we treat the fabric with products that will remove moisture marking, remove protein and other soils, before treating with a shampoo to bring a clean fresh smell to your sofa. We touch every part of your lounge at least 4 times as part of our very thorough process.

Leather Ceaning

When we first meet your lounge we will assess the type of leather and look over the marks on the leather. Generally we first treat the leather with a protein breaker to open the pores of the leather then use a conditioning shampoo to help remove any impurities left. We finish with a nourishing conditioner.

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